5 tips to hire the best software programmers for your startup

Even though the job market is slump in most parts of the world, there is still shortage of software engineers. Especially in areas like San Francisco Bay, companies are always fighting with each other to get the best talent. Even fresh computer graduates don’t come cheap. When the situation is so competitive, there is little chance for startups to hire the best software programmers with their small balance sheet. However, the following tips can help.

Plan several months ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to search, instead of hiring immediately. Plan at least six months before. That way you will be able to hire the right person for the right role and also at a reasonable cost.

Use technology-enabled recruiting services

Instead of spending money on recruiting agencies, rely on online tools like AngelList. This is a free job matching service for tech companies and talents. These online services can save a lot of time. You don’t need to browse through hundreds of resumes in order to find the one that matches your job role. These online tools do these tasks for you.

Showcase your company’s strengths

Talk about the advantages of joining your startup compared to large companies. For example, get a lead role in developing a live product, or an important decision maker in the business, etc.

Provide stock options

You can offer good share of equity to the prospective employee. This will motivate them to join your company.

Think of training as part of the hiring process

Instead of hiring an experienced software programmer, hire a young professional and provide training. This way, you won’t have to pay high salaries.

Using these tips, you can easily hire a good software programmer for your startup company without spending a fortune.

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